Julie and Carlos enjoying the sunset on Farang Beach, Koh Muk, Thailand

Our Story

Hi, we are Julie and Carlos – welcome to our global trek!

This is a place where we can share our travel stories in a way that we have never done before – not just with friends and family, but with anyone out there who has ever dreamed about seeing the world with their own eyes. Now, a little more about our story…


  • was born and raised in Brazil, but doesn’t know how to play football or samba
  • studied Mechanical Engineering but runs his own imports company
  • has lived in 3 continents and visited 34 countries
  • is the webdesigner of the blog
  • loves caipirinhas, dogs and the ocean


  • was born in China, raised in Canada, but studied and worked in the USA
  • studied Bioengineering and worked at a health IT startup
  • has lived in 3 continents and visited 32 countries
  • is the writer of the blog
  • loves big cities, sleep and gift wrapping


  • met studying abroad in Zurich, Switzerland
  • love good food, travel, and new cultures
  • both claim to take better photos for the blog than the other (though Carlos is probably winning)
  • look forward to visiting all 7 continents and exploring as many countries as we can
  • are excited to share our travel stories with you!

Our Current Trek

We are currently exploring parts of South America! Find out more.

Our Previous Treks

From summer 2014 to fall of 2015, we went on a 386-day journey throughout Asia! With a rough plan of where we wanted to go as well as these goals in mind, we left home with only the backpacks and what little we packed on our backs. Everyday was been both incredibly challenging and rewarding.

Our Asia Year in Review has a comprehensive look back on our epic adventure. Read about our top Asia destinations as well as a breakdown of our budget and exactly how much it cost us. Here’s some “wisdom” we gathered along the way!

Starting in Hong Kong and Macau, our Asia Year saw us extensively travel through Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, MyanmarNepalIndia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, the PhilippinesIndonesia, and Malaysia. Check out the Destination tab for all the places! We look forward to growing the list and recording our every move.

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Much love,
Julie and Carlos